Farro Oatmeal + Edible Cookie Dough

Remember when I used to stir cooked wheat berries into my oatmeal? Farro is a lot like wheat berries and has the same chewy texture. It was awesome when stirred into whipped banana oats!

And overnight oats. With Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter on top : )


This week was a little crazy with two days off of school. We had the Struckmanns over for a playdate on Monday. Sylvia got to hold Birch for the first time! She loves him.

Mr. B loves mirrors and he literally looked from the me in the mirror, to the real me, back to the me in the mirror and then smiled! It was like he had two of the same mom he loves.

This week for lunch I lived off of a mushroom + bacon quiche from Plenty  and little homemade salads with peppers, Seaside cheddar, and leftover dressing from Roots. One of my latest life hacks is ordering extra dressing whenever I do a take-out salad and then using that extra one at home to make my own salads. Why are take-out dressings so much better than anything in a bottle?! (Answer: because they are made in-house instead of a factory). I am working on a few homemade dressing recipes with Emily to keep on hand too – TBD!

You know what else I have been living off of?

These AMAZING edible cookie doughs by Edoughble.

The company emailed me with the pitch “We have something we think you’ll like” and boy were they right. I have always loved doughs and batters – the flavor and texture. We all know it’s risky to eat cookie dough that has raw flour and eggs, so these are made with heat-treated flour and no eggs or leaveners. They’re made with all-natural ingredients too. They are AMAZING! Taste just like the very best cookie doughs. What is also great is that they don’t need to be refrigerated and will last in the fridge for 6 months and the freezer for a year! So you can enjoy them one bite at a time. (And you might want to because they are quite calorie dense like peanut butter!) They also come in Paleo and Gluten-Free. Check them all out here!

The birthday bash is my favorite – it’s like sugar cookie dough with sprinkles! But the chocolate chip and chocolate cookie are both awesome too. I want to try the Salt n’ Swirl Caramel, Peanut Butter Cookie Crunch and Brown Butter Pecan Brrrrittle next! The classic chocolate chip is still totally amazing though : )

You know something funny? I looked in my back seat to find this half eaten tortilla. I was annoyed by whoever decided to take one bite and throw it on the floor of my car. I also was trying to figure out if it was Mazen or Thomas. The whole ride to the store I thought about the history of that tortilla. Then when I got home I picked it up to toss away and realized it was not a tortilla at all but a piece of paper from a toy Mazen had opened back there! LOL!

And finally…. some more Plenty love. This time Greek chicken with rainbow veggies and potatoes. We have loved have much time we’ve saved from ordering from Plenty for the past few weeks. Especially on nights when T works late and we have both boys, dinner is on the table in 10 minutes. Plenty has been a life saver! I’ve been ordering 1-2 entrees, a quiche, and a side or salad for the past few weeks and filling in the rest of the weekly meals with our own easy favorites (especially on the weekends when we have more hands and time to cook) – homemade pizza, salads, spaghetti (Mazen’s favorite), steaks or salmon on the grill, leftovers, etc.

Like this simple meal – grilled steak, broccoli, and stove-top grits! (Gosh I can’t wait for summer when I have natural light for dinners again!) We’ve been eating a lot of steaks because we love having a frozen stash from Butcher Box and because Mazen is really into it!

I need to get ahead of my meal plan again and schedule a few Instant Pot dinners in the coming weeks!

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