Quick & Easy Mediterranean Salad Bowls

These colorful salad bowls with a Mediterranean twist have a satisfying combination of sweet and savory flavor as well as creamy and crunchy texture. The more flavor and texture boxes I check with each meal, the better! Best of all, these bowls call for ingredients you likely have on hand in your fridge and pantry.

When Emily (my dietetic intern) and I were dreaming up lunch, we asked ourselves what kind of formula bowl we could make that would look pretty and be packed with nutrients. We assembled these in about 10 minutes and ate them just as quickly! I love the texture of dried figs, and my pantry always has canned artichokes. The Cava brand hummus is one of the few store-bought kinds I really like.


You can swap as many ingredients as your mouth desires:

Dates for dried figs

Hearts of palm for artichokes

Romaine lettuce for kale

Fresh pita for pita chips

Cucumber for zucchini

Crumbled feta for hummus


Red peppers…

Sun dried tomatoes…

Grilled chicken or salmon…

and a lemon tahini dressing!

Almost too pretty to toss together : )

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